Exploring Emerging Markets: The Next Frontier for Business Growth

Exploring Emerging Markets: The Next Frontier for Business Growth focuses on the untapped potential of emerging markets and the opportunities they hold for businesses seeking expansion. This session highlights the rising economic power and consumer demand in countries that are on the path to development and modernization. Participants will delve into the various factors that make emerging markets attractive, including a growing middle class, favorable demographics, and increasing levels of urbanization. They will also examine the challenges and risks associated with entering these markets, such as regulatory complexities, cultural differences, and infrastructure limitations. Additionally, participants will explore successful strategies and best practices for navigating the unique characteristics of emerging markets and capitalizing on their growth potential. This includes understanding local consumer preferences, building strong local partnerships, and adapting business models to local market conditions. The session will delve into sectors that are particularly promising in emerging markets, such as technology, healthcare, and renewable energy. Moreover, participants will discuss the importance of sustainable and responsible business practices in emerging markets, including considerations for social and environmental impact. By exploring the opportunities and challenges of entering emerging markets, participants will gain valuable insights into how to expand their business in these dynamic and rapidly evolving economies.


15th To 16th March 2024


Location: Bahamas – Nassau
Time: TBA

Registration Fee: USD$200

NB: Accommodation, flight and personal cost are not included in the registration fee.