Global Security Challenges in the 21st Century: Towards a New Paradigm

The conference on “Global Security Challenges in the 21st Century: Towards a New Paradigm” aims to address the evolving nature of security threats in today’s interconnected world. Traditional concepts of security are being redefined, necessitating a new approach to effectively tackle the complex challenges we face. The conference will bring together experts from various fields to discuss and propose innovative solutions to pressing security issues such as terrorism, cyber threats, weapons proliferation, geopolitical tensions, climate change, and social unrest. By exploring multifaceted perspectives and promoting international cooperation, the conference aims to contribute to the development of a new paradigm for global security that prioritizes prevention, resilience, inclusivity, and sustainability.


15th To 16th March 2024


Location: Buenos Aires
Time: TBA

Registration Fee: USD$200

NB: Accommodation, flight and personal cost are not included in the registration fee.