Harnessing Innovation: Technology and Entrepreneurship in the Global Marketplace

Harnessing Innovation: Technology and Entrepreneurship in the Global Marketplace examines the transformative power of technology and entrepreneurship in driving economic growth and creating new opportunities in the global market. This conference explores how innovation and technology have revolutionized various industries, from e-commerce and digital marketing to healthcare and renewable energy. Participants will delve into the key drivers of successful innovation, including disruptive technologies, market research, and collaboration. They will also explore the role of entrepreneurship in identifying and capitalizing on untapped market needs, as well as the importance of fostering a culture of innovation within organizations. Participants will examine case studies of successful startups and established companies that have leveraged technology to disrupt traditional business models and create new market spaces. They will also explore the challenges and risks associated with innovation, such as legal and ethical considerations, cybersecurity threats, and intellectual property protection. Additionally, participants will discuss the role of government policies and regulations in promoting and supporting innovation, as well as the importance of global collaboration and knowledge sharing. The session will also address emerging trends and opportunities in technology and entrepreneurship, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the sharing economy. Participants will gain valuable insights into how to harness the power of innovation to drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage in the global marketplace.


15th To 16th March 2024


Location: Japan – Tokyo
Time: TBA

Registration Fee: USD$200

NB: Accommodation, flight and personal cost are not included in the registration fee.