Business Diplomacy

(Business Internationalisation)

Do you want to invest or internationalize your business to Southern America or Africa, to create and manage efficient and strategic networks of information and influence in the significant global markets that allow your company to influence the policy environments in your favor and predict future issues? Being it in IT, Agriculture, Real Estate, Mining, Oil and Gas, etc. Our experts can give you the best market advice to generate incessant Return On Investment (ROI). Our regional experts rely on current and practical systematic leads from the first meeting to an establishment in the desired country/region and ensure a reliable network for success.

GIC’s Business Diplomats facilitate, negotiate, promote, and arbitrate international trade, investment, intellectual property, and commerce, as well as advocate Responsible Commercial Diplomacy (RCD) through networking, capacity building, intelligence, image campaigns, and support.

Our business diplomacy services include but are not limited to:

Network Activities Intelligence Image Campaigns Support
Developing Business And Government Contacts Gathering And Disseminating Commercial Information Promoting Goods And Services In Negotiations; Contract Implementation And Problem-Solving
State Visits Market Research Participating In Trade Fairs, Introducing Potential Exporters Gathering Export Marketing Data
Buyer-Seller Meetings Reporting To Home Country Sensitizing Potential Foreign Investors Supervision Of Violations Of IPRs And Contracts
Match-Making Consultant To Both Countries Gathering Export Marketing Data Advocacy
Search For Partners, Distributors, Investors, Lawyers Image Studies, Joint Scientific Research Tourism Promotion Coordination Of Legal Action
Personal Network Awareness Campaigns

Contact us to help you internationalize your company. As an investor considering political risk, it is vital to know that investing in different countries or ventures help you leverage risks and take advantage of the booming economy in another country.