Experts in the travel and tour industry. We are the number one relocation experts around the globe! We are experts for your home all over the world!
Have you ever been thinking of tourism, studying abroad, volunteering in another country, or having a second/third citizenship for your generations yet unborn to have an economic or human security advantage or for the free visa advantage? Globe-Trotters’ consultants are experts in all areas from your home to your destination.
If you feel the call for the great adventure in you, if you want to find out what excites you completely, then Globe-Trotter comes into play. As your guide, your coach, and your cheerleader!
We accompany you to distant countries, and with us, you dive into foreign cultures. With GIC at your side, you get to know yourself and the world a little better.
Services under this are:
• Live or Study Abroad Services: Anywhere in the World.
• Travel & Tour Services: Anywhere in the world
• Volunteering Services: USA/Canada/UK/Australia/New Zealand/Brazil/Europe and Africa
• Exchange programs: USA/Canada/UK/Australia/New Zealand/Brazil/Europe and Africa.
• Residency and Citizenship Services: Anywhere in the world.
• Visa and Passport Services: Anywhere in the world.

Contact us for all your diverse needs and we will lead you systematically to your destination until your purpose is accomplished.

• Our 2023-2024 Volunteering and exchange programs in Canada/UK/Australia/New Zealand are currently open for applications. Citizens of Southern American countries are highly encouraged to apply.
• Program duration is 8 months – 12 months
• Includes food (3X daily), accommodation, and monthly stipends.
• The age range is 18 years and above.

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