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Western Interventions On The Security Of Africa

Welcome to the international conference on “Western Interventions on the Security of Africa.” This conference aims to provide a platform for experts, policymakers and scholars to discuss and assess the impact of Western interventions on the security landscape of Africa.

Throughout history, Western powers have intervened in various ways in African countries, including military interventions, economic interventions, and humanitarian interventions. However, the consequences of these interventions have been subject to intense debate and scrutiny.

This conference seeks to explore the motivations and objectives behind Western interventions, as well as their effects on the stability and development of African nations. We will analyze the role of Western interventions in exacerbating or alleviating security challenges in Africa and identify lessons learned to shape a more effective and sustainable approach.

Through interdisciplinary perspectives and case studies, this conference aims to foster dialogue and generate a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and nuances of Western interventions in Africa. Together, we can challenge existing narratives and contribute to more informed policies and strategies that prioritize African agency and long-term security.

We invite you to participate and engage in constructive discussions as we work towards a better understanding of the impact of Western interventions on the security of Africa and seek to promote a more inclusive and balanced approach to addressing security challenges in the continent.


13 SEP – 15 SEP

Location: Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

Toronto- Canada

Time: 10:00AM-16:00PM

Registration Fee: USD$200

NB: Accommodation, flight and personal costs are not included in the registration fee.

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